When you’re stuck late at the office or find your stomach growling at your child’s soccer game, sometimes the only snack option to hold you over until you can get home for a healthy meal is the kind found in the vending machine. Before you throw all your healthy eating plans to the wind and dive into a bag of potato chips though, we asked Tiffanie Barton of F.F.I.T. LIFE to help arm us with a list of the healthiest vending machine snack options.

The 10 Healthiest Vending Machine Snacks

1.  Small bag of peanuts or pistachios

2.  Bag of mini pretzels

3.  Fig Newtons

4.  Nature Valley Granola Bar

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5.  Reduced-fat Smartfood popcorn

6.  Sunflower seeds

7.  100 calorie animal crackers pack

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8.  Peanut M&M’s (the only caveat here is to try to eat only half the bag)

9.  1 York Peppermint Patty.

10.  Dried fruit

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