Candice Kumai’s 5 Foods To Boost Your Body, Brain + Beauty

What To Eat To Feel Your Best

When it comes to going from sluggish to sexy, former model-turned-food-writer, Candice Kumai (author of Cook Yourself Sexy and Pretty Delicious), is a girl in the know.

Sick of feeling sluggish, tired and bloated? Had another debaucherous night out? Candice Kumai tells us the top 5 foods we need to load up on (and WHY!) to feel shiny and new. And remember to always drink more water, eat more greens and just breathe.

5 Foods To Boost Your Body, Brain, and Beauty

BERRIES: Blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, currants, strawberries, raspberries! And no, I’m not talking about Captain Crunch Berries. Berries are a spark of delight from childhood: handfuls, bowls with yogurt and a sprinkle of granola, sounds delightful! The most fantastic part: they contain plenty of vitamin C, E and antioxidants, which can help keep your skin smooth and sexy by helping your body detox with the natural manufacturing of collagen. Isn’t it comforting (and way less expensive) to know foods can be thy medicine?

QUINOA + BARLEY: Quinoa, a complete protein, is the Inca’s secret to life longevity. With amino acids, a protein essential, and plenty of fiber and phosphorus to aid in expelling toxins, this seed helps to cleanse and detoxify that body of yours. Barley is another great grain to add to your detoxifying diet! It contains good bacteria that can help cleanse thy tummy and help aid in proper digestion naturally.

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GREENS: Look, I know you probably aren’t in the mood for a big- ‘ol salad after a long night of champagne and mini-skirts. But, green plants will help give a chlorophyll-boost to your digestive tract, ridding the body of harmful environmental toxins while aiding the liver in detoxification. Plus, this superfood is a blood cleanser, reducing blood fats, thinning the blood and lowering blood pressure. Now that’s pretty badass.

AVOCADOS: Go ahead and bust out that guacamole today ladies. The fact is, California girls keep flat tummies and lean bodies because of this super-fruit. High in heart-healthy monounsaturated fat (essential during a detox diet!), avocados promote the release of bile from the gallbladder, assisting in proper elimination of toxins from the body and the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.

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WATER: Are you surprised? The best things in life are free right? Including water. Tap water. Don’t be afraid to down a few cups in the morning, throughout the day, before any meal and of course during and after a workout. Water will help to flush your kidneys and liver while simultaneously helping to hydrate your body from head to toe. Aim for 10 cups after a debaucherous night. If you can chug a beer, you can certainly chug WATER. It’s free.

Here’s to a happy healthy new, cleansed you. For more of Candice Kumai’s life-changing tips, recipes and even her “Detox Salad” check out her newest cookbook, CookYourself Sexy.