The Best Coconut Water (In a Bottle)

My Love For Coconut Water

Let me start by saying that I love coconut water.

A) Because it tastes uber-yummskies (I’m well aware I made up this word, but for some reason Microsoft Word is going with it, sans squiggly red lines, which makes me feel like a bonafide genius… maybe a career with Merriam Webster is in my future, but I digress…so, back to coconut water and my undying love).

B) Because it helps keep my body (and skin) hydrated, especially after a long workout – or a couple cocktails! Hey, Madonna says coconut water is part of her fitness routine – and have you seen her recently?!

C) Because I hate (yes, I know that’s a strong word, but I’m sticking with it) soda and fruit juices are often too sweet and sometimes a girl just wants a non-water alternative.

Basically, find me a juice bar (or beach) with fresh, young coconuts (young coconuts are a thing… I’m not being inappropriately creepy here) that are cracked (or, more accurately, macheted) open upon purchase and, well, I’m a happy woman.

I even loved Zico coconut water, before they went all bottle-y on me and ditched those cardboard cartons. Really, is it just me or does the plastic bottled Zico coconut water taste categorically different from the coconut water in the Tetra pack (and not in a good way)?! And while I still love the Tetra pack kind, when I can find it, I discovered 100% Raw Coconut Water from Harmless Harvest at Whole Foods a couple of days ago and I’m officially obsessed.

I really only bought it because I was standing in line, felt a killer calf cramp coming on (don’t ask) and, well, it was within reach.

And it was good. So good that I stepped out of line (Yes, I chugged it in line. Don’t judge.) to buy more. And if you’ve been to a Whole Foods in NYC recently you know that’s a serious statement.

Anyway, I’m done ranting/declaring my love for Harmless Harvest 100% Raw Coconut Water – enjoy :)

And if you’re still not convinced about this whole coconut business, read this.