Stuffed Dates Recipe? The Best Raw, Vegan, Gluten-Free + Guilt-Free Dessert Recipe (AKA: The Post In Which I Become Your New BFF)


By Alexis Wolfer

It’s 3pm (or, let’s be honest, 10am) and you’re craving a cookie. Or a brownie. No, definitely candy.

Screw it.

You want all 3.

And a donut. Definitely a donut.

But alas, you’ve committed to treating your body with love and respect, and feeding it accordingly.

(Insert eye-roll here.)

Before you decide to punch me through your computer screen (after eating the cookie, brownie, and candy, obviously), read on… because I’ve got one of the yummiest, healthiest, sweetest treats you can eat without any guilt: Stuffed Dates!

(Although, for the record, you should never feel guilty about what you eat. Really. It does you no good. And if you really want a cookie or brownie or candy or a donut, just eat the damn donut!).

Stuffed Dates Recipe

Large Organic Dates
Raw Almond Butter
Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

Cut each date, lengthwise, like you would a pita (so you can remove the pit, without slicing the date entirely in half). Remove the pit and discard.

Spoon a dollop of raw almond butter in the center of each date.

Sprinkle with sea salt and serve (or just stuff the now stuffed dates in your face).

Not only are these stuffed dates sure to satisfy even the most saccharine of a sweet tooth, they’re also packed with fiber and healthy fats to ensure they really do satiate even the deepest of cravings, keeping you full and feeding your body with love.

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