The ONLY Thanksgiving ‘Food Rule’ You Need

There’s Only One ‘Food Rule’ You Need To Follow On Thanksgiving. THIS Is it…

You’re about to embark on arguably the biggest, most over indulgent meals of the year. Hell, there’s even a dish named after how it makes you feel (we’re talking to you, stuffing!).

But you’ve worked so hard all year to eat clean, cut dairy, avoid gluten, ban sugar, et al.

So, what’s a gal to do who wants to get through Thanksgiving without blowing her wellness goals?


Yup. You read that right.

Not because we don’t value your goals and don’t fully support your treating your body with the utmost level of love and respect and feeding it accordingly. But because some things matter more. Showing your mom how much you appreciate the love that went into making her hand-whipped cream matters more than your desire to avoid dairy. Letting your grandma know how much you value the effort she puts into baking her famous cookies is worth honoring more than your sugar ban.*

And the fact is: one day doesn’t matter. Tomorrow you’ll rekindle your relationship with kale. But today…

Eat whatever the hell you want.

Eat however much you want.

Eat until you give stuffing a run for its naming rights.

Eat a second piece of pie. A third heaping of creamy mashed potatoes. A fourth cookie.

Gush over your cousin’s casserole.

Savor your aunt’s famous pumpkin bread.

Not because your wellness goals don’t matter. But because enjoying life matters more. The value of sharing a meal with loved ones (and I mean really sharing, not picking at a salad while everyone else has a shared experience over gravy) isn’t measured in calories. The pleasure you get from that second piece of pie isn’t measured in fat grams.

Thanksgiving is about gratitude.

It’s about gratitude for all you have and all you’re provided with. So be grateful. Really be grateful.

Be grateful for a mouth that can chew and taste and savor.

Be grateful for people to share today with.

Be grateful for a body that can handle whatever you throw at it today.

And celebrate your gratitude. Enjoy today. Eat. Eat well. Eat with pleasure. Because here’s the deal: the only ‘food rule’ you need to keep you on track with all your health and wellness goals on Thanksgiving is…


Just enjoy it.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at TheBeautyBean. xx

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*Unless you have a real food allergy, of course.