Ditch the Fast Food for These Nutritious On-Board Snacks

By Arielle Fierman

Picture this: you’re on your way to the airport, ready to jet off, soak up the sun, breathe in the ocean air and walk the beaches. You’re psyched. You just went over your to-do list and everything is packed. You’ve got your flip-flops, phone charger and organic suntan lotion.

You get to the airport and suddenly realize that you didn’t eat before you left and none of the food options are bathing-suit friendly, nourishing for your body or will make your skin glow! A slice of Starbucks pound cake for breakfast: no thank you. Smoothies made of artificial fruit syrups and hydrogenated peanut butter: yuck. Packaged salads: who knows when they put them out?

While we’re pretty impressed with the food options at the new Jet Blue Terminal at JFK in NY, if your local airport hasn’t gotten a $376 million makeover yet, add these foods to your packing list so you won’t be tempted by the less-than-ideal airport options or left to go hungry.

Pack for a beautiful arrival!

If you crave CRUNCH…

Homemade trail mix. Our favorite mix-ins include: almonds, cashews, pistachios, sunflower seeds, brazil nuts, cacao nibs, coconut flakes, organic dark chocolate chips and licorice. Add some sea salt, put into a Tupperware container or baggie and shake it up!

Apples. Wash them beforehand so you can just take a bite whenever you’re hungry.

Rice cakes. Brown rice cakes are always a good option, a to-go packet of natural peanut butter makes them even better!

Pretzels. Try whole wheat or spelt pretzels for a healthier crunch.

Organic vegetables. Baby carrots, celery sticks and pepper slices all make for great snacks to munch on.

If you’re more of a SALTY snacker…

A bag of frozen edamame. By the time you get to the airport, it will be thawed out and ready to eat!

Wasabi peas. Buy them in the bulk section of the Natural Foods Store a more economical version! Just be sure to read the ingredients to make sure you’re not eating chemicals.

Could salt cure your allergies?!

If you want a SWEET treat…

Whole fruits. Apples, bananas and oranges (although they may be annoying to peel on a plane!) are all easy, filling and healthy options.

Cut-up fruit. Honeydew and cantaloupe are refreshing options and easy to cut. Prepare them the night before your trip and bring some chunks with you.

Cut-up fennel. We know, it doesn’t sound so appealing but it tastes just like licorice and will satisfy your sweet tooth!

Dried fruit. Our favorites are dried papaya, mango, strawberries, apples and apricots but make sure they’re made with no added sugar or sulphur.

A natural on-the-go bar. We like Larabars because they offer lots of flavors and, best of all, most of them are made of just 4 ingredients or less.

Smoothies. Remember, you can’t bring liquid onto the plane; but you can drink on your way to the airport! Smoothies make a great breakfast or snack and the great thing about them is that you can mix up any combination of ingredients so you never get bored.

A delicious smoothie recipe!

If you’re going to need SUBSTANCE…

Instant oatmeal. You can always get a cup of hot water at the airport and prepare a warm meal there.

Ezekial Bread with nut butter. Prepare before you head to the airport and wrap in foil for a healthy sandwich on the go.

Remember, the trick to healthy eating and snacking on the road and during travel is to prepare ahead of time.   You spend time getting your manicure beforehand and purchasing that last-minute bathing suit, so add healthy snacks to your packing list and you’ll be stress-free and fully prepared!

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