Vegan Diet Tips: 7 Ways To Go Vegan Easily

By Jennifer Stone

If you’ve decided to go vegan, making the decision to avoid animal products is only half the battle. Keeping that commitment, however, can be challenging because, well, let’s be honest here: in going vegan you will likely be giving up some of the foods you really love and radically changing your lifestyle.

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Becoming a vegetarian is hard, let alone, becoming a vegan. I have taken environmental classes, nutrition classes, and ethics classes…I went from eliminating red meat, to poultry, to fish and now to eggs, cheese and milk.

People go vegan for many different reasons, whether it is for the environment, their health, humane reasons, religion, etc. If you want to switch over but you don’t think there are a lot of food options, you don’t know how to do it or you simply just don’t think you can do it, we have compiled a list of tips and suggestions to help you switch to a healthier, conscious, respectful lifestyle.

 7 Ways To Go Vegan Easily

Adopt a motivating mindset. Whether you’re going vegan because of your passion for animal rights, because of your desire to take on a healthier diet or your concern for the environment, get clear on why you want to adopt a vegan diet and the how will come considerably more easily. If you can always remember your motivation and be able to recall your reasons, you’ll be motivated to stick with it, even when you’re challenged.

Find friends. Whether you have girlfriends looking to go vegan with you, a partner open for experimentation or find a Facebook group for support, having people to share in the journey with will keep you motivated, ensure you stay on track and help you discover new recipe ideas.

Take baby steps. Begin by cutting out the foods you think you’ll miss least and working, slowly, to letting go of what you think you will miss most last. Once you start cutting out foods you’re less attached to, it will be easier to give up the rest. Not sure where to start? Give “Meatless Mondays” a try and go from there!

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Find substitutes. Make a list of your favorite non-vegan dishes and figure out how to vegan-fy them before you start craving them. Love cheese? Experiment with soy, walnut or almond cheese!

Be creative. If you focus on all the things you can no longer eat, you’ll pretty much be torturing yourself every day. Instead, get creative, experiment with unusual combinations and be willing to get down and dirty in your kitchen (sometimes with less than stellar outcomes). Need some ideas? Try our vegan ice cream recipe or vegan lentil-mint salad recipe.

Eat out. Find restaurants near you that are either exclusively vegan or have a lot of vegan options (Indian food is always a good place to start!). This will not only prevent you from feeling deprived of eating out, but also will help give you ideas of recipes you can make at home. Can’t find any vegan restaurants nearby? Look online at vegan restaurants in major cities for ideas.

Adjust your social life. No, we’re not suggesting you stay home! But we are suggesting you tell your friends and family so they always have something for you to eat at parties and get-togethers.

Remember to be happy, enjoy yourself and have fun! Being a vegan isn’t about depriving yourself, it’s about being your best self.

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