6 Grilled Fruit + Veggies You MUST Try!

6 Grilled Vegan Favorites

Looking for a vegan alternative for that summer grill of yours?

Move over veggie burgers, because we’ve got some grill-ready foods you probably haven’t even considered yet. And they’re game changers!

Trust us, even the carnivores among you will be coming back for seconds. It’s practically guaranteed. And the vegans? They’re about to be your new BFFs!

6 Epic Grilled Fruit + Veggies

AVOCADO. You know what everyone loves even more than avocado (and who doesn’t love avocado?!)? GRILLED AVOCADO! The creaminess of this superfood gets, well, even creamier and more delicious. Just brush it with some olive oil and grill it up with some char marks before topping it with sea salt flakes and lemon juice. Then, eat it plain or use it to top your usual grill favorites. You may as well start an avocado farm, because you’re going to be addicted.

GRAPEFRUIT. Grill grapefruit slices until warm to really bring out the sweetness in this juicy fruit. Then, use to top salads, burgers, or just eat it on its own.

SWEET POTATOES. Love sweet potatoes? Well, these grilled ones are about to be your new obsession! Just thickly slice, toss with oil (so they don’t stick) and grill until tender. Eat them plain or top them with green pea hummus or, well grilled avocado (duh!).

PEACHES. Brush sliced, pitted peaches with coconut oil and grill until hot throughout. Serve with vanilla ice cream (or the dairy or non-dairy variety) and sprinkle with brown sugar and, well, meet your new favorite dessert.

WATERMELON. Take summer’s favorite fruit to a whole new level of epic-ness by hitting the grill. Just lightly grill this juicy fruit, top with feta cheese, basil, and balsamic vinegar and, well, we’ll let’s just say: you’re welcome.

CAULIFLOWER. Thickly slice cauliflower “steaks” and season however you like (olive oil and honey mustard is a favorite!) and grill until tender. The vegans in your crew will thank you (possibly by elbowing you out of the way).

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