Vitamin D Deficiency: 3 Sun-Free Ways To Get The Sunshine Vitamin

By Jacqueline Schwartz

You probably know of Vitamin D as the “sunshine vitamin.” And while it is produced internally from exposure to UV light, getting our Vitamin D fix via the sun would require us to forgo our suntan lotion and sunbath in UV rays at the height of the day for about 10 minutes. And as any Beauty Bean-er knows, the risk of wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots and premature aging (not even to mention skin cancer!) increases exponentially with each unprotected second spent basking in the sun’s harmful rays.

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Thankfully, though, the wrinkle-phobes among us aren’t destined to live a Vitamin D deficient life. Which is a good thing considering that Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of calcium, which keeps our bones strong, protects us from osteoporosis, contributes to cell growth, protects us again breast, colon and ovarian cancers, reduces inflammation and is essential for neuromuscular and immune function.

So, how are we to get all of the Vitamin D we need while steering clear of skin cancer and wrinkles? Actually, there are many ways to get the amounts we need without the harmful heat!

3 Sun-Free Ways To Safely Get Vitamin D…

Naturally. Vitamin D is found naturally, in small amounts, in: Beef liver, parsley, sweet potato, cheese, halibut, egg yolks, while fatty fish, and fish liver oils of salmon, tuna and mackerel. For an ideal meal, try 3-4oz grilled salmon paired with half of a baked sweet potato or baked sweet potato fries! Aside from just Vitamin D, you’ll also be consuming Vitamin A, C, Iron and loads of dietary fiber.

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Fortified. In the US, foods fortified with Vitamin D provide the majority of our intake of the essential vitamin. Fortified milk, orange juice, margarine, yogurt and even some breakfast cereals are now fortified with Vitamin D.

Supplements. Vitamin D3 supplements are also an easy way to get the nutrients you need. Just remember, they should be taken in a timely matter with or as part of a calcium supplement for optimal absorption.

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