Vitamin D Overdose: Can You OD on Vitamin D?

Can You Get Too Much Vitamin D?

By Diana Zarowin

We all know that Vitamin D is essential. It helps regulate our blood, is involved in the absorption of calcium (key for forming and maintaining strong, healthy bones) and even helps prevent osteoporosis hypertension, autoimmune diseases and may even help prevent cancer!

Many Americans, though, are deficient – mainly due to our sun-shielding ways (great in the prevention of skin cancer, wrinkles and more but not so great in our quest for strong, healthy bones). So, as a result of this apparent deficiency in the sunshine vitamin (yup, the biggest source of D is the sun!), many women are turning to supplements, which left us wondering: Can you OD on D?

Can You OD On D?

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While it is unlikely (actually, it’s almost impossible) to overdose from Vitamin D via sun exposure or food; it is most definitely possible to experience Vitamin D toxicity from supplements. Because our bodies aren’t great at regulating the Vitamin D absorbed from supplements, too much D can lead to a build up of calcium in the blood, which is both relatively serious and (you can breathe a sigh of relief here!) treatable.

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Worried You Overdid It?

If you’ve be popping those Vitamin D supplements like Tic-Tacs, watch out for signs of overdose. The things to look for: nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, kidney stones, and constipation. As always, call a doctor if you have any concerns. (Be especially mindful if you have any preexisting medical conditions.) And, in the future, be sure to read the labels carefully to ensure you’re taking the proper dose (and never more).

Better yet, try to get your D the good ‘ole fashioned way! Just a few minutes of sun exposure on a daily basis is sufficient for most adults. Worried about skin cancer and wrinkles? (Um, yes!) Well, then stock up on Vitamin D rich foods like fish, eggs, milk and shitake mushrooms.

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