What If Emotional Eating Is A Good Thing?

By Katie Dalebout with Isabel Foxen Duke

Emotional eating gets a bad rap.

We’re constantly told emotional eating is affecting our waistlines (as if that were the only – and most definitely the most important – problem with eating our feelings) and, for that reason alone, it’s something to be avoided like a tub of Haagen Dazs.

But what if emotional eating wasn’t wrong?

What is emotional eating was a good thing?

Overeating to avoid feeling may not address the root cause of the emotional damage, (it’s like a bandaid on a head wound,) but it also isn’t inherently bad. Sure, your tummy won’t feel the best, but here’s the deal: you are not doing anything inherently wrong and adding guilt and self-blame isn’t the answer.

In fact, eating is a pretty good coping mechanism, relatively speaking! (Cocaine anyone? hello…how about meth?)

Want to know more about the benefits of emotional eating? We sat down with food freedom guru, health coach and The Beauty Bean contributor Isabel Foxen Duke to get the scoop on how emotional eating can actually be helpful. Listen to her talk more about this concept in this interview with The Beauty Bean‘s Katie Dalebout.

In this video, you’ll learn…

– The stigma attached to emotional eating and how it merely prolongs the diet-binge cycle.

– How dieting actually teaches us to want to emotionally eat.

– Tips to break the diet-binge cycle that sucks in so many of us.

– How to relinquish judgment when it comes to emotional eating.

– How emotional eating can help us find happiness.

Watch the interview to learn more!