Yes, You Can Eat 4 Or More Avocados A Day!

Or At Least That’s What My Nutritionist Says… And I’m Digging It

Love avocados? Apparently you can go to town – and with health benefits!

And no, I don’t mean indulging in just one. Or, as they like to say: in moderation. (But really, what the heck is moderation anyway?)

Apparently, you can eat A. Lot. Of. Avocado. and, well, that’s damn good news for those of us who

a) love avocados and

b) are hungry.

According to my nutritionist, you can eat 4 – or more. Yes, FOUR or MORE in all their delicious glory. With a spoon. On toast. Or however the hell you want!

And you’ll be healthier for it! Wanna know why?! BECAUSE avocados are life.

Fine, that’s an exaggeration, but go to town for these benefits… (and, no, you don’t need to worry about the “fat.” In case you didn’t know: avocados are the good kind of fat. And, regardless, fat doesn’t make you fat. It keeps you full, prevents wrinkles, and more.)

What’s In An Avocado Anyway?!

Vitamin C: Helps fight off free-radicals, helping all the cells in your body to grow grow and repair, protecting you from everything from wrinkles and sun-spots to heart disease and cancer.

Potassium: This electrolyte helps prevent dehydration, regulates heart rate, and prevents bloating.

Fiber: For a healthy colon, lower cholesterol, stable blood sugar, less bloat, and better poops.

Lutein: An antioxidant especially protective of your eyes.

Vitamin B6: Boosts your immune system.

Vitamin E: Promotes healing, supports a healthy immune system, and helps your hair and skin look their best too.

Folate: It’s a must for pregnant mamas-to-be (for healthy brain and spine growth of your baby), but it’s also important for you to ensure healthy cell and tissue development.

Magnesium: It’s pretty much a miracle vitamin, regulating everything from sleep and energy to muscle and nerve function, and even immune and bone strength too!

Vitamin K: Helps ensure normal blood clotting, supports healthy bones.

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