Hair Tool Innovations That Will Transform How You Style Your Hair

When it comes to hair tools, drastic innovations are rare.

Sure, you may see a hair drier that’s a smidgen quieter or a hair iron that claims to use “revolutionary” technology to damage your hair just a wee bit less (because really, let’s be clear here, applying super high heat to your hair is never not damaging in some way!) but recently there have been 2 new hair tools to hit the market that really do transform the way we think about hair styling.

Whether you blow dry your hair on the daily or consider your iron one of your most prized possessions, these 2 new hair tools will forever change the way you think about hair styling (or at least they are for us!).

The Hair Drier + Iron That Are Changing The Game

The Dyson Supersonic ($399.99). At close to $400 this isn’t for the faint of heart (er, wallet). But if you’re currently spending $40 a pop at your local blow dry bar and are looking for a DIY option (or are just as obsessed with beaut innovations as we are), Dyson (yup, the vacuum/fan company) has revolutionized the blowdrier – and we don’t use that word lightly. But the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer doesn’t just look different (though it does, in much the same way their blade-less fan does), it also performs differently. With its highly controlled temperature (it’s measured 20 times per second!), 3 speed settings, and 4 heat settings (for super quick drying, regular drying, gentle drying, and constant cold), you can rest assured that your hair will dry as quickly and safely as possible, but what we’re most excited about: the motor being moved to the handle. Not only does this prevent your hair from being sucked into the back of a faulty dryer, it also rebalances the weight to supposedly reduce arm fatigue. Oh, and for all of you annoyed with the attachments situation of your hair driers of yesteryear, Dyson has transformed those too, making them magnetic! Sure, it’s an investment, but what innovation isn’t?

Luma Brush ($59). If you like your locks sleek and straight, the Luma Brush is everything you wish your flat iron was. A combination of a flat iron and a styling brush, the Luma Brush is like a heated paddle brush. Where a traditional flat iron squeezes hair between two hot plates to straighten your hair, with the Luma you simply brush your hair with the heated brush, resulting in both quicker styling and less intense heat (and, therefore, damage!).  While the Luma can be used on all hair types, the most dramatic time-saving will be seen with people who generally have easier-to-straighten hair (think: fine to medium thickness, more wavy/frizzy than ringlet curly).

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