3 Beauty Tips For Perfect At Home Hair Coloring

It’s estimated that between 65 and 75% of women color their hair (don’t worry, ladies, your secret is safe with us!) meaning that millions of women are hitting up the hair dye each year – many of them in the confines of their own bathrooms (aka without professional supervision!). Before you take on the drugstore, pick up a box of hair dye and run the risk of quickly turning into a “beauty don’t,” read on to ensure you get a pro-like result, even if the closest you’ve ever been to beauty school is via Frenchie in Grease.

3 Beauty Tips For Perfect At Home Hair Coloring

Double Up. When you finally settle on your favorite hair dye, make sure to buy two boxes of your selected shade. Unless you’ve got a super-short pixie cut, it’s better to be safe than I’ve-got-half-my-head-covered-in-dye-and-ran-out sorry! End up not opening the second box? You can always return it. And, if you use just part of the second box, save the remainder for root touch-ups later on.

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Get Dirty. A lot of us think we should apply dye to squeaky-clean locks, but the fact is that hair dye is better applied to hair that’s a bit dirty. So plan to color your hair the day after shampooing. And, as always, make sure to apply color to dry hair.

Lube Up. Before applying your hair color, apply Vaseline to your hair line, the base of your neck and the tops of your ears to prevent the hair dye from staining or irritating your skin.

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