3 Modern Ponytails: Step-by-Step How Tos For 3 Sleek, Summer Hairstyles

By Alexis Wolfer

As the humidity kicks into high gear and the temperature heats up, hairstyles that keep our long locks off our (sweaty) backs are our go-tos. To ensure our hair looks sleek and sexy (and not just thrown into a middle-school-gym-class-like ponytail) though, we asked Alterna stylist Michael Shaun Corby to share with us step-by-step instructions on creating his 3 favorite modern ponytails in the comfort of our own bathrooms.

Jessica Alba’s Voluminous Pony


Apply a volumizing lotion to damp hair- try Alterna’s Maximum Volume Styling Cocktail ($22) on damp hair from root to tips

Blow-dry hair straight with a round brush

Use a comb to carefully back-comb (aka: tease) hair at the crown, until a cushion of volume has been achieved over the entire crown. Smooth back the hair lightly to cover the back-combed portion, so the crown looks voluminous yet smooth. Spray with Caviar Working Hair Spray ($26)

Gather the hair back into a ponytail, keeping the volume at the crown but smoothing the hair back on the sides for a sleek look

Secure with an elastic band and spray the entire finished look with Caviar Working Hair Spray ($26)

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Kim Kardashian’s Sleek & Sexy Pony

Work a smoothing oil into damp hair, which will give you Kim’s super smooth, frizz-free look- try Alterna’s Bamboo Smooth Kendi Pure Treatment Oil ($24)

Blow-dry hair straight with a round brush

Smooth the hair back with a brush, into a ponytail, leaving out a small section of hair (about a 1” section) just under the ponytail, and secure the rest of the hair with an elastic band

Wrap the small 1” section around the ponytail, covering the elastic band, and secure with a pin underneath the pony

Spray Caviar Working Hair Spray ($26) on hands, then use hands to smooth back the hair, keeping away frizz and giving you an ultra sleek look. Smooth the ponytail with hands as well

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Carmen Electra’s The Romantic Side Pony

Work a volumizing crème into the roots of damp hair- try Alterna’s Caviar Full Body Volume Crème ($24) just at the roots to achieve volume and subtle texture

Apply a smoothing crème to the rest of the hair, like Alterna’s Caviar Perfect Blowout Crème ($24) from mid-shaft to tip

Create a center part

Blow-dry hair straight with a round brush, working on getting volume at the crown

Use a large-barrel curling iron to curl the hair into waves, using fingers to separate the waves for a textured, piecey look

Gather the hair loosely into a side ponytail and secure with an elastic, allowing the hair to fall over one shoulder and letting some pieces to fall by the face

Finish with Caviar Working Hair Spray ($26) over the entire look

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