5 Frizz-Free Hair Tips From Celebrity Hair Stylist Mika Fowler

Summer is upon us and, for most of us (sigh…), that means FRIZZ.

Yes, in caps.

Humidity in the air doesn’t need to mean frizz in the hair, though. (Phew!) Thanks to Celebrity Hair Stylist, Mika Fowler, of the Kim Vo Salon in Beverly Hills, we’re going to be frizz-free all season long.

5 Frizz-Free Hair Tips From Celebrity Hair Stylist Mika Fowler

1.       Get a haircut. you shouldn’t go more than 8 weeks without a trim since split ends frizz up even more than healthy hair.

2.       Deep condition. Mike suggest that her clients go in to the salon from time to time for her 3 step deep conditioning treatment, but for those of you unable to make the trip as often, invest in at home deep conditioning masks and use them weekly.

3.       Don’t towel dry. When getting out of the shower, do not rub down your hair with your towel. Rather, squeeze our hair dry with a microfiber towel or cotton towel, without rubbing. Your hair is sensitive when it is wet and this will help to maintain the sancitiy of their hair fiber to help avoid frizz.

4.       Use the right brush. Invest in the appropriate hair brush for your hair type and style goal. It is important to note that certain brushes are used for different outcomes, this will help in keeping your hair frizz free when trying to achieve a certain look.

5.       Use an anti-frizz serum. Use a smoothing or glossing serum, like the Joico Humidity Blocker, to coat the hair shaft and prevent frizz. Use any serums sparingly, though, so as not to weigh down your hair.