6 Beauty Vitamins To Help You Glow Inside & Out

The Best Beauty Vitamins

By Courtney Leiva

Sure you can slather on countless serums and skin-perfecting creams; but more often than not, real beauty starts on the inside.

Yes, you’ve probably heard that phrase countless times, but oh is it true! The fact is, good vitamins and minerals are building blocks to flawless beauty.

To enhance your overall appearance, adding some vitamins into the fold can improve your immunity as well as your skin, hair, and nails.

To glow inside and out, here are 6 beauty vitamins we can’t stop raving about!

The 6 Best Beauty Vitamins

For Longer Hair…
Encourage immediate follicle growth by adding the Viviscal Hair Growth Supplement ($34.99) to your daily routine. These beauty vitamins use natural ingredients to jump start your hair’s growth cycle to help you to get the longer mane you’ve dreamed of – or just grow out that short haircut you now hate.

For Thinning Strands + Nails…
It’s designed for your hair but the Biotin and B Vitamins in Rene Furterer Vitalfan Thinning Hair Progressive Dietary Supplement ($42) will help to strengthen both your hair and nails.

To Prevent Hair Loss…
For stronger, sturdier strands more resistant to hair loss, add Activa Well Being Hair ($29.95) to your daily routine. These beauty vitamins employ natural extracts designed to slow down hair loss and stimulate new growth, turning thinning tresses into marvelous manes.

For More Beautiful Skin…
Get excited ladies, because we’re about to tell you to eat more chocolate! Well, not just any chocolate, but rather the Aloha Superfood Chocolate, ($9-$49) which acts like beauty vitamins in a chocolate bar: beautifying the skin with essential nutrients, while still tasting like your favorite chocolate bar.

For Boosted Immunity…
Nothing says beauty more than health so ditch the java and fall in love with the Four Sigma Foods Instant Reishi ($35), a tea designed to boost your bodies immune system and balance hormonal function.

For Beauty Vitamins In A Beverage…
Add the multitasking Mushroom Matrix Beauty Matrix, ($24.99-$89.99) to your favorite smoothie, juice, or recipe to add a mega dose of beauty vitamins in the form of 100% natural mushrooms to amplify your hair, skin, and nails.

For Healthier Hair…
Want luminous locks and radiant skin? (Yeah, we thought so!) Then it’s about time you add Nourage Nourishment For Healthier Hair ($59.95-$161.85) to your beauty regimen, as these must-have beauty vitamins are packed with B Vitamins and Copper for better your hair, skin, and nail function.