6 Natural Hair Care Myths (+ Solutions!) Revealed

Natural Hair Care Tips For Healthier, More Beautiful Hair

By Courtney Leiva

To shed those popular misconceptions about your tresses, we’ve consulted six experts to break down those long-standing myths held by beauty lovers alike when it comes to our natural hair care.

Whether your woes are hair breakage or length, prepare to shake up everything you know about natural hair care with these eye-opening tips.

Skipping hair cuts is the quickest way to longer hair….While it may be costly to visit the salon every month or so, treating your hair to frequent trims is the only way it’s going to grow out. “The key to growing your hair long, while also keeping each strand healthy and strong, is regular trims. Split ends and damaged cuticles will cause your hair to appear thinner with that unwanted ‘stringy’ look. Long hair should always be thick and not weaken towards the ends. Visiting your stylist every 6 to 8 weeks for a trim (even if it is just to cut off a 1/4 inch) will do wonders for growing your hair,” explains Fernando Salas, creator of White Sands hair care.

Washing your hair often gets it healthier…There’s that age-old myth that washing your hair more is synonymous with healthy natural hair care. But believe it or not, frequent shampooing exposes your hair to stripping agents that can prove to be more harmful than beneficial. “You should never really be washing your hair, as that implies you’re lathering with a shampoo. By using a shampoo and even some conditioners, you’re using hair-stripping chemicals, products that are filled with polymers, fillers, proteins and alcohols that cause the product lather. So if you are still going that route, I’d only wash your hair once a week,” says Chaz Dean, hair expert and founder of WEN products.

My hair isn’t affected by my lifestyle…Trust us, your hair’s health does catch up to you in ways you wouldn’t expect, which is why it’s crucial to avoid stress and an unhealthy diet whenever possible. “From food to supplements, everything inside you affects how your hair, skin, and nails look. When it comes to supplements, Hair Detox helps to promote healthy hair, skin, and nails with the extra benefit that it detoxifies the body. Having a healthy lifestyle will also increase the effectiveness of the supplement, so you can achieve radiant hair and minimal hair loss,” explains celebrity hairstylist Angelo David.

A little heat styling never hurt anybody…Although we love our flat irons and blow dryers, constant exposure to scorching temperatures can cause unwanted breakage and split ends, permanently affecting our natural hair care. “People think that they can use straightening irons every day and not affect their hair. Extreme heat on the hair on a daily basis can cause hair breakage and hair loss. Others use chemical straightening products regularly which can damage the hair follicle if done incorrectly or frequently,” states Debra Jaliman, MD and Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

My hair has stopped growing…There often comes a time when we think our hair has stopped growing completely. However, the hair regrowth cycle is actually a three stage process. “There are three phases of hair growth. A ‘generating,’ ‘growing,’ and ‘resting’ phase, if you will. Two follicles located right next to each other can be in two different phases of the cycle.When we undergo extreme change in the body, it affects our natural hair care….So before you panic and go to products like Rogaine that are very destructive to the hair itself, take biotin and Viviscal to encourage happy healthy hair,” says Mia Moore of Pierre Michel Salon.

Moisturizing my scalp will make my hair greasy and flat…Moisturizing your scalp is a key to natural hair care and can actually reduce hair loss pronto. “The number one reason for hair loss is inflammation. By not hydrating your scalp with a water- based product, your scalp becomes dry and mildly inflamed, thus reducing the diameter of your hair, growing a finer texture hair,” Jane Carter founder and CEO of Jane Carter solution.