7 Tips For Frizz-Free Hair This Winter

Along with snow, winter often ushers in lackluster locks and untamed tresses.

Hoping to keep our hair hydrated, frizz-free and beautiful all season long, we turned to Yes To Carrots’ celebrity hair stylist Gretta Monahan (you’ve probably seen her on The Rachael Ray Show where she has done over one thousand style makeovers!) to share her hair-saving tips.

Winter Tips For Frizz-Free Hair From Gretta Monahan

Switch Up Your Shampoo. A once a week shampoo switch up can be really helpful to nix build up and to give your locks a dose of different beneficial ingredients. Try alternating YesToCucumbers Color Protection Shampoo & Condition, which helps preserve color and impart shine, with YesToCarrots Scalp Relief Shampoo to keep hair healthy from root to tip.

Use Leave In Conditioner. The YesToCarrots Leave in Conditioner offers massive hydration and will enhance your natural texture. Cocktail it with the YesToCarrots Anti Frizz Serum for a one-two punch of silky nourishment and moisture.

Shampoo Less. Washing hair every day can be incredibly drying, so skip a shampoo (or two!) and instead use dry shampoo on off days.

Eat For Hair Health. The best things to eat for beautiful hair, skin and nails are salmon, beans, dark leafy greens and nuts. If you’re into taking supplements, look into biotin and fish oil (but make sure to speak with your doctor first).

Colder, Shorter Showers. Prolonged exposure to hot water can dry you – and your hair! – out. Spend less time in the hot shower for your hair and skin this winter.

Humidify. Switch on a humidifier in the colder months, which can help retain moisture and reduce static in hair and clothing.

Cap It Off. When spending time outdoors this winter, wear a hat to help retain your scalp’s moisture level and ensure frizz-free hair. A wool fedora or knit beret will protect your hair, retain your body’s heat and give you style points to boot!

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