Backstage Beauty Report: The Athletic Ponyail

Designer: Giulietta by Sofia Sizzi

Lead Hair Stylist: Diego Da Silva of Tim Howard Management

The Scoop: For Giulietta’s Spring 2016 collection, fashion designer Sofia Sizzi drew inspiration from athleticism and sports, particularly tennis, combined with the power of femininity. The clothes in the collection were the result of a fantasized tennis match between sports and Courréges, the imaginative French label known for its futuristic designs.”The hair inspiration was this idea of a tennis player tying her own bun during a game,” says Sofia. “The hair had to be sporty yet elegant,” adds lead hair stylist Diego Da Silva of Tim Howard Management. “This look involves three distinct textures. The top of the head is dry, which leads into a shiny, smooth, looped ponytail with a wet sheen along the hairline. The final look is very clean with an edge to feel young, yet timeless.”

Here, Diego takes us step-by-step on how to achieve this edgy athletic ponytail served up with triple texture:

How To DIY A Tennis-Inspired Athletic Ponytail

  1. Apply palm-fulls of René Furterer VOLUMEA Volumizing foam – no rinse all over hair in sections, concentrating on roots.
  2. Brush hair back with a boar bristle brush.
  3. Blowdry hair with the nozzle close to the roots while brushing hair in a backward direction.
  4. Gather hair into a ponytail, making hair as smooth as possible.
  5. Secure with a bungee cord.
  6. Use your hands to very gently push some hair forward from out of the base of the ponytail on the top of the head to heped create some wisps and made the look feel a little less controlled.
  7. Generously spray René Furterer FIORAVANTI shine enhancing no rinse detangling spray over entire ponytail.
  8. Straighten hair in sections with a flat iron until it is fully sleek and shiny.
  9. Once the athletic ponytail was completely straight, create a small loop at the base of the ponytail and secure it tightly with a bungee cord to maintain its shape. Let the remaining ponytail hang straight down.
  10. Use your fingers to apply René Furterer STYLING WAX along the hairline smoothing it back, making the hair appear slightly wet, as if you had just finished playing a game of tennis.

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Photo Credit: John M. Craig for René Furterer

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