Backstage Beauty: DIY Malan Breton’s Double Bun Hairstyle

The New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015 Backstage Beauty Report: DIY Double Bun Hairstyle



Designer: Malan Breton

Lead Hair Stylist: Lisa Lobosco Of ECRU New York

The Scoop: Malan Breton’s Fall/Winter 2015 Collection goes bold and dramatic by celebrating American cinema in his usual eccentric fashion. Featuring simple silhouettes with amazing tailoring, this sharp and sophisticated collection keeps it fresh with lots of liner and an intense color scheme. Ecru New York Lead Hair Stylist Lisa Lobosco created three key hairstyles to help channel that edgy, glamorous vibe, although we’re partial to this Double Bun Hairstyle, a modern take on the beehive that’s equally perfect for summer soirees and winter work days.

How To DIY A Double Bun

  1. Pull hair into a tight pony on top of the head. Smooth flyaways by using the ECRU New York Acacia BB Cream around the hairline.
  2. Pull the pony through a large hair bun doughnut.
  3. Divide hair into two sections and wrap one section around doughnut creating a large bun.
  4. Slide a smaller doughnut around remaining hair.
  5. Attach small doughnut to large one with hairpins.
  6. Wrap remaining hair around small doughnut creating a smaller bun on top of the large bun.
  7. Secure the look with pins and create unbeatable hold with the Ecru Max Hairspray.