Braided Bun: How To Do A Braided Bun Hairstyle

At the Self Magazine “Women Doing Good Awards” in NYC, AnnaLynne McCord sported a chic, braided chignon and, well, we swooned. Pulling together our love for all things braided hairstyles as well as our desire for a summer chock-full of cooling chignons, the intricately woven braided top-knot is quickly rising on our list of go to summer hairstyles. What we love best: that the braided bun goes equally well with maxi dresses and flip flops on the beach as it does with gowns on the red carpet. Cutler Salon stylist, Kelsy Osterman, tells us how to do a braided bun at home…

How To Do A Braided Bun

Pull hair into a tightly pulled back ponytail at the top of your head, where you would like the shape to be.

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Use hair spray to slick down any flyaways.

Create 2 or 3 classic or fishtail braids and secure them with an elastic.

If you have fine hair, spray with dry shampoo for added volume or braid in hair extensions that match your natural hair color.

Pull braids apart to create more width and texture, and for more of a messy feel.

Wrap braids around your bun with looser braids wrapped first and a tighter braid around the outside. Use hairpins and hairspray to secure.

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