How To DIY A Beachy French Braid

Boho Braids: How To DIY A Beachy French Braid

At Diesel Black Gold’s New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 show, Redken Creative Consultant Guido kept the hair soft and feminine with a simple, yet classic French braid.

“I wanted the hair to be simple and quite feminine for Diesel Black Gold. I love a simple braid, in that the style is both elegant and wearable for most women. For me, a braided look will always be fashionable.”

To soften the style, loosen the hair around your face for a more romantic finish. To make your French braid more casual and beachy, keep hair damp.

How To DIY A Beachy French Braid

Step 1: Apply Redken outshine 01 anti-frizz polishing milk to slightly damp hair.

Step 2: Take very top section of hair and separate into three sections and begin French braiding, slightly twisting hair to give the braid a messy look.

Step 3: Continue to braid downward, keeping the hair pulled tight.

Step 4: Secure end of braid with an elastic and a piece of leather.

Step 5: Mess up hairline a bit to soften the overall look.