Colored Streaked Hair: Rainbow Highlights on Lady Gaga, Coco Rocha & Oscar de la Renta

Supermodel Coco Rocha debuted edgy pink curls at the ends of her long, romantic locks at the Met Gala. Oscar de la Renta sent models down the runway at his Resort 2013 show with a neon streak woven into conservatively chic chignons. Lady Gaga arrived in Japan with multi-colored splashes in her blonde, butt-grazing ponytail.

See Lady Gaga Without Makeup!

Spotted on trendy red carpets, high-fashion runways and pop-culture icons? Now that’s what we call a hairstyle trend.

Just when we thought the color streaked hair trend was waning, we’re inundated yet again with trendsetting-tresses splashed with colorful streaks. You don’t, though, need to be a regular on the red carpet to pull of this look. Rather, here are two easy ways to take color streaks from runway to real-way.

Jason Wu’s Take On Color Streaked Hair

Clip In Colored Extensions. If coloring your hair seems too permanent or just too bold for your style, check out  Sultra Hair Palette Color Clip-In Extensions ($22). You’ll get in on the hairstyle trend for as long (or short!) as you’d like, without having to spend the money (or the time) at your hairstylist. Plus, for all you ladies with dark hair, this is a great way to get the look of a color streak without having to bleach your hair first, which can be damaging.

Temporary Hair Dye. If a Saturday night with a bold blue streak is more your style than a semi-permanent lavender on your locks, check out Streekers ($11.95)! The bright, temporary hair dye is applied as easily as lip gloss for instant color and can be brushed without flaking off. Even better, it washes right out with shampoo for when morning comes and that hot pink patch is no longer calling your name.

How To: Color Streaked Braids