Crimp Your Hair Like A Pro

Like every trend (EVER!),  hair crimping is making a comeback.

Scunci stylist, Laura Polko, created the hair looks at the Galore Magazine NYFW party earlier this month, with a 90s vibe (think: scrunchies, crimped hair, and bobby pins) and, well, we couldn’t wait to ask her for all her best tips on bringing crimping back!

“So for the crimped look one of the hardest parts is even finding a crimper these days!,” said Laura. But assuming you’ve got a crimper (click here if not!), here’s how to DIY this look at home…

How To Crimp Your Hair

  1. Blow dry hair straight using a paddle brush.
  2. Section your hair with Conair Professional Sectioning Clips.
  3. Start at the back and spray each section down with hairspray and crimp away! Don’t brush out or finger comb until you’re totally finished.
  4. Work your way up then, depending on how you want to part you hair, crimp the sections accordingly.
  5. Shake out your hair with your hands and toss your hair around to loosen it up.
  6. Pin with Scunci No-Slip Barrettes, as desired.
  7.  Twist and play with the texture until you’ve got the look you want.

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