DIY Dandruff Remedy

If the dry weather has your scratching your head (and not just because you thought that at the very least this global warming business would make winter’s cold temperatures just a bit more bearable), you’re likely suffering from a dry scalp. Even worse – as if the snow outside weren’t enough – your scalp is also probably leaving white flakes of dandruff behind too.

Sexy, we know.

Thankfully, beauty expert Mickey Williams has a homemade remedy for dandruff that she’s sharing with all of us here at The Beauty Bean.

Kick Dandruff To The Curb With This DIY Dandruff Remedy

2 aspirin

In a small bowl, crush 2 plain aspirin tablets into a fine powder. Squeeze a daily dollop of fragrance-free shampoo into the bowl and mix. Wait 5 minutes to allow the medicine to permeate the shampoo before medicate the shampoo. Shampoo your scalp with the mixture. Condition as usual.

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