Frizzy Hair Tip: Anti-Frizz Tips From Kim Kardashian’s Stylist

When humidity’s weight hovers in the air, our hair fights back. The result: frizzy, out of control locks that have us wishing we could hide under a hat all season long. But a bad hair day (or month, if you will) is not inevitable. Rather, take Kim Kardashian’s lead and follow these tips from her main mane man Francesco Galasso, best known for his sexy volume and frizz-free hairstyles (as seen on celebrities like the Kardashians, Emma Rossum, Olivia Wilde, Colbie Caillat, Nicole Scherzinger).

For Frizz-Free Hair…

Cleanse. The best way to combat frizzy hair is to avoid shampoo products with Sulphates in them, which dry out the hair. And while it takes time to get used to a suds-free shampoo, if you want to avoid frizz, it’s the best bet!

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Style. Right now the “it” product is MoroccanOil – and rightly so – since they do work very well for very dry, thick, over-processed and frizzy hair. If you’re worried about weighing your hair down, though, Galasso recommends Oribe Texture Spray, (a Kardashian favorite!) which keeps the style from collapsing while also preventing frizz.

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Treat. An oldie but goodie is the Joico Kpac Smoothing Balm. Put this in at night and then rinse it out in the morning. Or, follow the lead of the mane-maven herself, Kim Kardashian, and put few drops of pure Moroccan oil in your hair (starting a couple of inches from the scalp and running thru to the ends) at night and then rinse out it the morning.


Cure. Despite the controversy, for women with particularly unmanageable frizz, Galasso stands by his assertion that the best thing to combat the “frizzes” is the Brazilian Blowout.

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