How To Get Natural Highlights: BUY IT // DIY IT

Hair Highlights Made Easy (And Affordable!)

The days of squeezing lemon in your hair are over (or at least we hope they are!) but that doesn’t mean you can’t otherwise get lighter locks without leaving the comfort of your house!

Sure, some citric acid in your hair (in the form of lemon juice) before some sunshine will add highlights to your strands, but only because it breaks down your hair shaft, severely weakening it.

But that doesn’t mean you need to dish out the big bucks (and spend oh, so many hours) at the salon for bleached highlights either (which aren’t super great for your hair either).

Instead, it’s all about the subtle change to your color that you can get at home. In 2 pseudo DIY ways. Well, 1 is a real DIY, the other just an at-home, but whatever. You’re welcome.

BUY IT // Klorane Blonde Highlights Collection

The SLS-free, plant-based, and vegan line is rooted in chamomile, otherwise known as the sunshine flower (both because it grows in sunshine and because it makes your hair look like sunshine, or so we posit anyway!). The key: a yellow pigment in the petals that attached to the scales in the hair shaft, without penetrating. The result: honey gold highlights in light-brown hair and a lighter hue to already-blonde locks. Our favorite product in the line is the Blonde Highlights Sun Lightening Spray (it’s like the healthy, adult version of Sun-In) but the whole collection is on-point for that hair that screams “summer!”

DIY IT // Chamomile Tea

Yup, the same kind you drink before bed can help naturally lighten your hair too! Just brew a few cups (the more concentrated, the better) and let it cool. Use it as a rinse in your hair daily after shampooing and conditioning or put it in a spray bottle and use it before hitting the beach. It’s more gentle than lemon juice but not as fortified as the “buy it” version above (but then again it costs pennies so, well, you win some, you lose some!).

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