Get The Look: Amy Adams’ Retro Curls

How To DIY Retro Curls

By Courtney Leiva

Whether you’re a Jennifer Lawrence or Amy Adams type, American Hustle was, without a doubt, one of the year’s best and stylish films. Well, when it comes to hair inspiration, anyway!  (Killer claw-like nails, optional.)

To recreate the gorgeous and retro looks of the 70s, stylist Kattia Solano of the Butterfly Studio Salon shows how to get Amy Adam’s come-hither curls. Using Oribe Hair Care products, follow Solano’s seven steps below to recreate this sultry disco-inspired style.

Get The Look: Retro Curls

Step One: This look works best with day-old hair, unless your hair tends to be more on the oily side. If you’re freshly showered, roughly dry hair to start.

Step Two: Combine Supershine Moisturizing Cream ($49) and Rock Hard Gel ($38) in your hands and apply to the hair in zig-zag sections.

Step Three: Using a ¼ inch curling iron (to do a traditional spiral set) and a ⅓ inch curling iron (to create a rope set), alternate between the traditional spiral set and rope set until the entire head is curled. “Incorporating two different curl types will create the illusion of natural, slightly imperfect curls,” Kattia says.

Step Four:  Let the hair cool.

Step Five:  Spray each curl with Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray ($39) and then break it up with your hands. Repeat for all curls.

Step Six: Gently brush the set out.

Step Seven: Finish by using your hands to create your desired shape and level of exaggeration.