Go From Workout To Work Without Washing Your Gym Hair! Here’s How…

You always plan on getting to the gym each morning. And KNOW that the 30 minutes it takes to break a sweat, get your heart racing, boost your mood, and increase your energy, is well worth the effort.

But then you think about your hair.

Your blowout.

The hair that looks so damn good from yesterday’s upper body workout (also known as a DIY blowout!) that you just can’t fathom blowing it (literally).

And not merely because you can’t stand the thought of ruining a perfect hair day, but also because that quick (and totally doable) 30 minute workout before work just became a 90 minute morning routine (gym, shower, blowout, blah, blah, blah) and, well, no one has time for that.

And you don’t have to.

The key: skipping the post-workout shampoo and blowout. Instead, go straight from workout to work (with a body shower, of course!) without having to redo your hair.

The key, according to Stephen Donovan, Master Stylist at Blowtique in Chicago, is a 5-step system designed to take you through your workout and straight to work all with picture perfect hair.

5 Steps To Take You From Workout To Work Without Shampooing Or Blowdrying Your Gym Hair… Again!

  1. Apply dry shampoo before your workout to absorb the sweat and extra moisture. Most people only put it on after, but if you put it on before it will be absorbing moisture from your gym hair while you workout.
  2. Before you hit the gym, loosely tie up your hair on the top of your head to make sure you don’t mess up your hair too much while you sweat it out. The key: skip the tight hair elastics and instead use a Goody Spin Pin or an invisibobble.
  3. Wear a sweat band around the crown of your hair to absorb sweat. Sure, it may not look cool, but you know what is? Saving 45 minutes when you don’t have to wash your gym hair!
  4. Apply dry shampoo again after you workout to absorb any excess sweat and oil.
  5. Spray hair with lightweight shine spray such as Oribe Shine Reflecting Spray. It will help the hair look shiny and full of life without weighing it down or adding extra oils, all the while countering the dulling effect dry shampoo can sometimes have.

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