By Elizabeth Monson

Red Market Salon in New York City is one of the premiere salons in the trendy Meatpacking District. Top colorist Dana Ionato sat down with The Beauty Bean to talk spring hair color trends and tips for getting salon quality color at home. As Dana told us, “people dye their hair for four main reasons: To go lighter or darker, to cover grey, to add dimension or make a new statement (inspired by a breakup, new job etc…),” so, decide which one you are, and get started!

1. Start by picking colors that compliment your skin tone and eye color. At the most basic, picking the perfect color all goes back to the color wheel. The perfect hair color can make you look more vibrant and compliment your skin tone, or it can make you look sickly and washed out. It is worth spending some time to try to determine where you fall in the spectrum of warm or cool and, therefore, which hair colors will work best for you.Β To determine your skin tone, look at the veins on the inside of you wrist. If your veins are greenish, then you have warm skin and should stick with warmer, Β golden hair tones. If your veins, on the other hand, look blue, you have cool skin, and should look for cooler hair shades. Another tip is to hold yellow gold and silver jewelry up to you skin, which ever suits you better determines what colors will look best in your hair.

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2. Consider the texture of your hair. With coarse hair, the lighter you go, the drier your hair will look because light reflects off of your hair. If your hair is porous, stay away from blonde.

3. Mixing two box dyes together is a great trick to get a more even and dynamic tone. If you’re going for a warm hair color, select a natural shade with no tone and mix it with a shade of the same level but with a golden tone. For example, mix Light Brown (it will read natural light brown on the box) with a light golden brown. Do the same if you’re going for a cooler shade.

4. Note the level of color posted on the side of the box (from 1 to 10). One is black, while 10 is the lightest blonde. If going lighter, remember that boxed hair color will only lift your hair two shades lighter (because of the developer used) and, aiming for any lighter, will tend to appear orange (and, unless Umpa-Lumpa is your inspiration, probably not your goal). To counter this, look for a cool shade of blonde to counter the orange effect.Β When going darker, your hair will almost always turn out lighter than the shade on the box. To avoid having your hair turn out lighter than desired, mix half of your chosen color with a level darker.

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5. Always apply the dye to the root first, and then run it through your ends. Mix the dye a half shade darker for your roots to assure good coverage. The developer that comes in box dye is 20 volume, which can make your roots turn out too bright, especially for brunettes

The Beauty Bean Tip: For any dramatic change, we suggest you test a strand by the nape of your neck to see what the color will actually be!

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