Hair Fried? Try These Hydrating Hair Essentials

Next Time Your Hair Is Dry, Damaged + Dull, Try These Hydrating Hair Favorites

By Courtney Leiva

Whether you constantly blow dry or chemically treat your hair or were just born with a naturally drier mane, extreme heat and harsh chemicals can really do a number on your tresses, leaving your hair dry dry and brittle and, even worse, making it extremely difficult to repair.

But before you abandon the hope of ever having fabulous and manageable hair again, know that there are quick shortcuts to keeping your hair hydrated and healthy.

For starters, you can cut down on damage done by reducing the amount of heat styling and color processing you subject your fragile tresses to and you can trim your hair more to promote hair health and growth. But in addition to frequent trims and fewer blowouts, you can also add hydrating hair essentials to your haircare routine  to make your strands stronger and healthier and more resistant to damage too.

Ready to revamp your hair care regimen?

Here are some of our favorite hydrating hair essentials to ensure better hair days.

For Everyday Conditioner…

Skip conditioner and it’s like constantly washing your hands in the winter and never applying hand lotion. Yet so many women avoid conditioner, thinking it will leave their hair unbearably greasy. But with the right conditioner, that’s nothing short of a myth. Rather, a great hydrating hair conditioner like the gentle Davines Love Smoothing Conditioner ($27.50) can soothe (and heal!) fried and damaged hair with some serious softening and hydrating hair action that will also help to detangle tresses and tame frizz fast.

For A DIY Treatment…

If you prefer a DIY treatment, the nourishing Vita Coco Coconut Oil ($9.99) can work as either a deep conditioning or hot oil treatment, essential for gorgeous and healthy hair. You can also use it to tame frizz (apply it with an old toothbrush to avoid applying too much!) or even to heal dandruff by applying it to your scalp before bed and shampooing it out in the morning.

For Dry, Frizzy Hair…

Used in conjunction with daily conditioning products, hair masks can be added to your routine to help give deeply damaged hair some extra help. If your hair is feeling dry and looking frizzy, try the Klorane Mask with Magnolia ($24) to saturate your strands with some hydrating hair love, bringing moisture back to your locks.

For Hair That’s Breaking (Or Not Growing)…

Notice your hair is breaking (or failing to grow) because it’s so weakened? We love the Dove Intensive Repair Deep Treatment Mask ($6.99) because of its Keratin Actives, which help to restore weakened proteins, repairing weak and damaged hair and helping to prevent breakage.

For Hair That’s Dull…

When your hair is looking dull and blah, try the Matrix Biolage Hydrasource Mask ($23) or the Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Mask ($62). They’re both designed to fortify strands and add luster to dull and brittle hair with results you’ll see instantly but will only get better with regular use.