Hair Growth: Does Waxing Really Make Hair Grow Finer?

By Alexis Wolfer

Whether you wax, shave or use Nair, we’re all after the same thing: smooth, hairless legs, especially come short-shorts season. Figuring out which hair removal system is best, however, isn’t easy. In fact, we’ve been trying to figure it out since we first became aware of the hair on our legs while sitting on the playground in elementary school. They all seemingly have their pros and cons: waxing lasts the longest, but hurts, costs money, and requires we let the hair grow in before removal; shaving is easy and cheap, but leaves stubble; and Nair, well, it smells. So, what’s a girl to do?

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At The Beauty Bean we figured that the only way to make this decision was to make sure we had all the facts. And while we can certainly rely on our personal experiences to color our opinion, there was one contributing factor we found imperative to the decision and for which we needed an expert opinion: the truth behind the rumor we’ve been hearing, that waxing will cause hair to grow in finer, while shaving will lead to thicker re-growth.

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Between the pain, the price and the need to wait for an (unsightly) ¼ inch of growth before removal, we’re just not convinced waxing is worth it.  But, if our hair is actually destined to grow in finer, it’s potentially a price we’re willing to pay. To get to (hairless) bottom of it all, we turned to top NYC dermatologist Dr. Neal Schultz. Watch the video below for his answer.

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