By Alexis Wolfer

Sure, hats are cute, but being confined to them all season long is, well, anything but… If the dropping temperatures have you hiding your head in order to keep those staticy strands confined, though: think again.

Those frantic fly-aways are actually caused by a lack of moisture in the hair shaft. In the humid summer months, naturally occurring static is able to pass through the water in your hair. When the air temperature drops and the indoor heat is turned on, though, the moisture level in your hair plummets and the static that all summer long seamlessly passed through your hair unnoticed, now all of a sudden begins to build up in the hair shaft. The result: hair that looks like a 5th grade science experiment gone oh-so-wrong!

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You’re not, however, destined to woeful winter of staticy hair. Instead, we turned to Jenna Rabideau of Halo Salon & Color Lab in Fort Worth, Texas, to help us tame our tresses.

Jenna’s Static Stopping Steps:

Condition Often. People tend to wash (and thus condition) less frequently during the winter. While shampooing isn’t necessary, though, conditioning is essential.  A daily leave in hydrator like Phyto 7 Daily Hydrating Botanical Cream for fine hair ($26) or Phyto 9 Daily Ultra Nourishing Botanical Cream for medium to coarse hair ($26) can be applied to dry or damp hair to prevent split ends, drive moisture into the hair shaft and stop static.

Condition Properly. Often times people try to treat dehydrated hair with conditioners targeted to treat over-processed or chemically compromised hair.  But just because a product can heal damage, doesn’t mean it’s right for you. In fact, restructuring conditioners (the kind best used on damaged hair) are designed to build protein back into the hair and actually do little to moisturize – so stick with those actually designed for you.

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Deep-Treat Regularly. Keep your hair moisturized with a weekly hydrating mask like Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Mask ($38).

Style Smarty. Use styling products that are water based and water soluble like Phytolisse Finishing Serum ($30) or Phytolaque Hair Spray ($18) and style your hair in such a way as to protect fragile strands. While you’re outdoors, try wearing a hat or scarf or a low loose braid on a windy day to help keep your hair contained and protect it from breaking.

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