Hair Style Updates: 3 Easy Ways to Renew Your Do Without A Stop At The Salon

By Elena Scuro

A fabulously refreshing haircut can come with an expensive price tag, but a refresh to your hairdo can be as inexpensive as you want! And while it’s always important to trim your tresses to maintain the health of your lovely locks, when time (and money) is sparse, you can always update your look yourself!

Bangs. Bangs are the boldest way to update your do. If you’re ready to take the plunge and talented enough to cut them yourself – have at it (just be sure to cut hair when dry since it shirks when wet)! Longer bangs (past your eyebrows) are great for dramatic side parts and are also lower maintenance since they can always be pulled behind your ears. Not gutsy enough to cut them yourself? Bangs are the cheapest cut at any salon. So, if you don’t feel comfortable, leave it to a professional (our recommendation!). Not gutsy enough to commit? Clip-in bangs are the route for you!

The best clip in styles, from the man behind Jessica Simpson’s locks!

Ponytail. One of the biggest trends for fall (and not just for when you go to the gym!) is the ponytail. Sleeked back and straight, like we saw at Donna Karan’s resort collection, is the way to go. Use Scunci No Damage Hair Bands ($3.19 at to protect your hair and center your ponytail in the middle of your head. Or click here for a step-by-step guide to getting the runway look!

Change Your Part. The way you part your hair determines how your face is framed and can easily change the way you look with little time, minimal effort and no cost! A middle part can give you a casual, sleek look, especially if your hair is straight, while a dramatic side part (with some hair draped across your forehead) can give you a sexy-chic look.

5 things to keep in mind before changing your hair!