Get The Look: Color Streaked Ponytails As Seen At Vena Cava

Hair How To: Color Streaked Ponytails As Seen At Vena Cava

By  Becca Gregg

Stylewise, they’re known for their hip, vintage and arty-inspired creations. But at Vena Cava’s fall/winter 2010 runway show at New York’s Fashion Week, the chic and fearless tresses worn by the models garnered an attention all their own. Created by renowned hair guru Ted Gibson (for and his team, the look consisted of long, equestrian-inspired ponytails infused with ribbons of vibrant colors, achieved through the use of Streekers, a temporary stain product.

According to Gibson himself, the look channels “equestrian but not stuffy. What we wanted to do was create a girl who is a downtown equestrian. She has been riding her horse all day long. She decided she wanted to have a little bit of a rest. She’s super cool, downtown and hip,” he continues. “The color comes in to this because you know what we want to do is create a girl who is a little fun in spirit. The clothes are very dark, it’s for the fall. So when most people think of fall, you don’t necessarily think of color. What we want to do is create something very special. That’s where the purple, green and pink come in.”

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We must admit, we were a little iffy at first about how this daring look would work in everyday life. However, with a little guidance from stylist Tiffany Nicole, of Ted Gibson’s Washington D.C. salon, one thing is clear — the wearability of the look lies in how you wear it, and where.

“While the concept of the hair was chic, the pops of color and the slightly messy ponytail gave the hair an edgier and more interesting look,” Nicole explains. “Girls can pull this off by remembering that their hair is part of a total look and not simply an isolated feature. Your hair needs to compliment your face, which compliments your clothes, which compliments your personality. You wouldn’t necessarily have a stripe of green hair wearing a business suit, so if it doesn’t make sense it probably looks bad!”

Ready to give it a go? The next step is finding which color would look best entangled amongst your tresses for the look. “Because these colors are obviously not naturally occurring hair colors, it makes them fun, care-free, and without a specific set of rules for picking a color,” Nicole says, adding “The key for making the look work is the placement of the colored hair and not over-doing it with too much of one color or too many color combinations. Subtle pieces of color are unexpected and can add interest to the most demure look.”

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Ted Gibson shows us how-to:

“What’s cool about the look is that you can recreate it at home,” Gibson says, explaining that it’s the perfect look for a fun night out on the town. To get the style itself, “What you do is use Build It Blow Drying Agent ($19.99). After Built It Blow Drying Agent, you actually pull your hair back into a ponytail.  But the position of the ponytail is important, so you want to make sure that the position of the ponytail is a little lower, rather than high,” Gibson explains.  “And you use any kind of leather strap (as your hair tie).  It can be a thin leather strap. It can be a thick leather strap. Whatever it is your heart desires. And then spray with a little bit of Beautiful Hold Hairspray ($19.99).”

And for the color? Gibson and his team used hair extensions on the models, then painted the strands with Streekers ($10.95). “If you desire a customized color, products like Streekers give the average consumer an opportunity to become their own colorist by applying color to extensions or pre-lightened hair,” Nicole says, explaining “The easiest way to add the colored hair is by using a weft of extension hair that has been attached to a clip which is clamped to the hair at the scalp. It can easily be applied and easily removed anywhere on the head in seconds.  For a longer lasting look, extensions can be applied using hair extension adhesive tape, liquid solution, fusion, or sewn in attachments.”

For a simpler alternative, the color can be applied directly to your own hair as well for a temporary look that will wash out at the end of the night. Just lift hair up and away from your scalp in small sections. Apply Streekers to dry hair, from root to tip, in long strokes. Although the color dries fast, wait a minute in between color streaks when you’re designing multi-tone effects. To remove, simply shampoo, rinse and repeat as needed. Bleached blonde hair may need to be shampooed two or three times.

And the golden rule we should all abide by? “Remember that less is more,” Nicole says. “Color should accent styled hair, not ornament it.”