Half-Up Half-Bun: How To DIY The Man-Bun Inspired Hairstyle

How To DIY The Man-Bun Inspired Half-Bun Hairstyle

Men aren’t the only ones who can get in on the man-bun trends.

Instead, take inspiration from Kate Mara and DIY the half-up half-bun with this step-by-step hair how to from Alterna Haircare Creative Team Stylist Nate Rosenkranz.

Hair How To: DIY The Half-Up Half-Bun


  1. Apply Alterna Caviar CC Cream for Hair 10-in-1 Complete Correction ($25) to towel dried hair and rough dry or diffuse to enhance natural texture.
  2. Once dry, add a little more Alterna Caviar CC Cream for Hair 10-in-1 Complete Correction to separate and define the hair.
  3. For more of a “lived in” look use Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging® Perfect Texture Finishing Spray ($28).
  4. Using a tail comb, section the hair from ear to ear around the back of the crown and gather the hair into a ponytail.
  5. Using a hair tie, wrap the hair tie around the ponytail twice.
  6.  Loop the ponytail back on itself and tie the hair tie around it, creating a loop. Leave the excess of the pony tail flat against the head.
  7. Finish with a bit of Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Working Hair Spray ($28) to keep everything in place.