Have Frizzy Hair? These Blow Dry Tips Will Change Your Life

4 Blow Dry Tips + 1 Product That Transform Frizzy Hair

Looking for smooth and frizz free hair?

In this blow dry tutorial, I show you how to achieve a gorgeous blow dry using tips from Pureology Global Ambassador Ruth Roche!

Seriously, in a single shot I learned how to take my hair from frizzy and visibly color damaged to smooth, sleek, and like I just got a salon blowout.

The key: Ruth’s 4 step system and my new favorite product: NEW Pureology Style + Care Infusions Smooth Perfection,an innovative two-in-one formula with smoothing oils of camellia, sesame, and shea butter, strengthening Intra-cylane, and protective Xylose, which insulates the cuticle layer to protect against heat damage for 72-hour frizz control and hair you can run your fingers through!

Plus, it smells AMAZING (and comes in a super-innovative squeeze tube that mixes two key products together upon squeezing into your hand!).

In 2 minutes you’ll see exactly how I took my hair from frizzy to frizz-free!

Enjoy the time and money saved on salon blowouts because with these tips and Pureology Style + Care Infusions Smooth Perfection you’ll never need a pro to do your ‘do again!

Have Frizzy Hair? These Blow Dry Tips Will Change Your Life!

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