How To: Blow Dry Like A Pro

Is there anything better than leaving a hair salon with perfectly blown out hair that looks like you just walked off the set of a Vidal Sassoon commercial?

No. No there is not.

Heck, it’s why an entire business of blow out only salons have popped up in the last few years: because women want salon-style strands and they want them all the time.

Or at least I do!

Unless you own stock in one of these aforementioned blow dry salons (heck, if one could own stock in ’em, I’d buy it!), getting regular blowouts is expensive – not even to mention time consuming (especially when you consider the time spent at your part-time job just to be able to afford them!).

All of which is why the first thing I asked Michael Forrey, Creative Director at Sassoon Salon Downtown NYC, when I had the opportunity to pick his brain, was how to blow dry my hair at home and have it look even remotely like it does when I leave the salon. Watch this video to see what I learned…

How To: Blow Dry Like A Pro

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