If hot, sweaty, sticky bangs aren’t exactly on your go to hairstyle of choice this summer, try braiding your bangs off your face a la Jennifer Aniston. Here, So Cal hair stylist Tera Rae Stephens shows us how!

How To Braid Your Bangs Off Your Face

Section off a handful hair in the front of your head (this will be the hair you braid, so choose as little or as much as you prefer).

Place the hair you won’t be braiding in a loose ponytail to keep it out of the way.

For a full braided headband, click here!

Brush hair that will be braided forward and then decide which side you will want to work the braid toward (right or left).

Section hair into three pieces and start your braid with the front piece closes to your forehead, going back.

Continue to braid, angling back toward the side of your head.

Once finished, secure braid with a bobby pin parallel to the braid so you can hide the pin in the braid.

How to do a waterfall braid!

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