How To DIY Nicole Richie’s Boho-Chic Top Knot Updo

With summer (un)officially underway, keeping our hair frizz-free (and off our sweaty necks!) has become a top priority!

Our go to solution: top knots.

Whether you’re a haute-hippie or a glam goddess, you can rock Nicole Richie’s boho-chic top knot updo. Nicole Richie may have worn it at the 2012 FiFi Awards, but we think it’s equally perfect for elegant summer weddings or fashionable days at the office.

Want to get the look at home? Butterfly Studio Salon stylist, Nicole Descoteaux, helps us DIY with her step-by-step guide.

How To DIY Nicole Richie’s Boho-Chic Top Knot Updo

Step 1: If you have bangs, leave your fringe out and style as usual.

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Step 2: Brush dry, straight hair up into a high ponytail at the top of your crown, securing it as tightly as you can with an elastic band.

Step 3: Divide ponytail in half before teasing both sections. Fasten the ends with another ponytail holder (clear Blax Snag-Free Hair Elastics are great for this).

Step 4: Take one of the ponytails and wrap forward around your hand and secure with a bobby pin.

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Step 5: Take the second ponytail, twist loosely and wrap it around the first.

Step 6: Use your fingers to help spread and mold the hair to give your bun some shape and secure with a pin to finish.

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