How To DIY Shailene Woodley’s Dutch Braid

The Dutch Braid Made Simple

Master the simple yet stunning Dutch Braid Shailene Woodley rocked at the MTV Movie Awards with these insider tricks and step-by-step guide from Brian Zinno, Senior Stylist at Antonio Prieto Salon

How To DIY The Dutch Braid

  1. As with any up do, dirty hair is preferable. If your hair is fresh, douse your tresses with Kérastase VIP spray, which will help create texture and grip.
  2. Beginning at the center forehead, work your way down the back of your head diagonally, place one strand underneath the other, grabbing more hair each time. (A Dutch Braid is the reverse of a French Braid, so instead of braiding on top of the strands, braid underneath).
  3. The Dutch Braid should be tight to the head and span from the center of your forehead to the opposite ear when finished.
  4. Create a bun with the excess braid and secure with a few bobby pins
  5. Finally, finish the Dutch Braid with a shine spray to accentuate the detail.

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