Because Sometimes You Want Beach Hair… Even When It’s Freezing Outside

There’s something about beach hair that makes us feel instantly sexier.

Maybe its the association with sand in our toes and, well, minimal clothes on our bodies, or maybe it’s just the feeling of salt water in our hair.

Okay, so it’s likely the half-naked in sand thing… but, well, we can’t help you there so, here’s how to get beach hair, even in the dead of winter.

Products To Help You Get Beach Hair

For A True Beach Look… towel dry clean hair and liberally spray mark. That’s Beachy Texturizing Surf Spray ($14) from roots to ends. Scrunch hair with your hands and let it air dry for that piecey, just-crunchy-enough texture that will have your co-workers wondering where you spent your morning!

For A Glamorous Take On Beach Waves, Sans Crunch. If you like beach hair in theory, but hate not being able to run your fingers through your hair, try Oribe Après Beach Wave And Shine Spray ($39). Spray on wet or dry hair, tousle, and go, for hair that has a beachy vibe like you spent the day in the surf, but feels like you just left the salon.

To Give Hair A Minimal Beach Vibe. Use R+Co Rockaway Salt Spray ($25) as a finishing spray to add as much or as little tousled beach love to your hair as your sun-worshipping heart desires. For more controlled application, spray it in your hands and use your fingers to apply just a small amount of this lightly scented spray to the ends of your hair.

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