2 Easy Tips For Healthier, Shinier Hair STAT!

Now that your hair is poised to grow in healthier and break less (click here if you missed the tips on how to get your hair to grow faster and here if you still need to know how to prevent breakage!), it’s all about healthier, shinier hair – because what’s a head full of long, dull hair gonna do you?!

(Answer: NOTHING!)

Want to take your hair from lackluster to double-take-worthy? Here’s what you need to do…

FIRST: Brush your hair!

But, you say, I already do brush my hair!

But do you Marcia Brady brush it?!

You know what I mean: 100 strokes, from root to ends, every night before bed?

Yup, didn’t think so.

But you should!

Here’s why: our scalps produce an oil specifically designed for our hair (pretty amazing, right!) we just do a pretty poor job of utilizing it. In fact, we most often focus on shampooing those oils away. While you definitely don’t want an oily scalp, pulling those oils from your scalp to the ends of your hair is one of the best ways to bolster each strand’s strength, increase shine, and get the hair of your dreams.

The key here though is in the brush so look for a brush with natural bristles and a flexible rubber base, like a Mason Pearson brush – and to use it consistently.

SECOND: Eat more fatty fish.

Everything you put in your body becomes part of your body!

One way to take hair from dull and dry to soft and shiny is to increase the amount of fatty fish in your diet.

Salmon, sardines, and anchovies top the best-for-your-hair list, but for all the vegans out there, walnuts are great too!

The key is the fatty acids, which help to hydrate our skin (including our scalps!) with the oils they need to grow healthier, shinier, fuller hair!

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