2 Ways To Get Your Hair To Grow Faster

So, you want longer, healthier, thicker, fuller hair?

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The fact is, it’s normal for us each to lose about 70 strands of hair, but that doesn’t mean it’s not DEVASTATING to look in your brush and see your hair’s potential trapped within its bristles.

If you’re one of the men or women losing more than the 70 strands our bodies are designed to shed (and replace!) each day, you’re suffering from hair loss. This isn’t though, your fate. Instead, here are 2 ways you can help to prevent hair loss and encourage your hair to grow more quickly and thickly!

FIRST: Eat more oysters.

Sure, they may be best known for their aphrodisiac qualities (think of it as an added bonus!) but oysters are also hair growth powerhouses! Turns out, zinc deficiency can lead to hair loss and oysters are loaded with the zinc your hair needs! Not into oysters? A multivitamin with your daily recommended value of zinc can do the trick too!

SECOND: Get a scalp massage – or DIY it!

Head massages don’t just feel incredible, they’re actually great for your hair too! Just a 3-minute scalp massage – either while shampooing or any other time! – helps to increase blood circulation to your head, which is not only essential for a healthy scalp, but can also encourages hair growth too! Whether you invest in a head massager [link], enlist the help of a partner, or pop in to your favorite nail salon for a head and neck massage you’ll reap the benefits – just be sure to do it consistently (including each time you shampoo) for the best results.

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