How To Give Yourself A Salon-Worthy Blow Out

Every girl (well, those of us with long locks, anyway) love a good hair day – and nothing guarantees that more than a professional blow out. We love the feeling we get when we walk out of the salon with bouncy, Gisele-like strands. We stand a little taller, walk with a bit more spunk and feel like a million bucks. Those of us without a million bucks, though, are often only lucky enough to have this supermodel feeling a few times a year, either after a haircut or before a big event.  But, with the right tips, there’s no reason why you can’t have runway-worthy hair every day, from the comfort of your own bathroom (and with a price tag you can afford).

Blow out pro and celebrity hairdresser, Jonathan Antin shares his secrets for getting the perfect bouncy blow out at home…

For a voluminous blowout, begin by towel drying clean, wet hair. Be particularly sure to rinse hair very thoroughly or any remaining condition can weigh down your locks.

Use a wide tooth comb to detangle hair.

Protect your hair from sun damage with these tips!

With a professional quality dryer that has a cool air button (like the InfinitiPRO AC Motor Dryer by Conair, $34.99) dry hair upside down, smoothing out the ends with a round brush on a low, warm setting. Engage the cool shot button every 15-20 seconds to help minimize damage and frizz

When hair is completely dry, divide hair into 2-inch sections and beginning at the top of the head (near your forehead) wrap hair around a round brush with a medium-sized barrel so that the section is rolled toward the back of the head.

Have a formal event? Try this braided updo!

Using high heat and a concentrator nozzle to pinpoint airflow, dry hair from root to end for 8 seconds. Freeze this into place using the cool shot button for 5 seconds.

When finished with the top of head, dry  hair on sides and back pointing the dryer  downward to avoid frizz and fly-aways.

Dab a pea-sized amount of styling cream into your hands and smooth it into the ends of hair to define and separate tresses.

Finish hair with a light hold flexible hairspray (like Rusk Being Sexy, $16)

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