How To Pick The Best Hairbrush: 7 Hairbrushes For Every Hair Type + Style

7 Hairbrushes For Every Hair Type + Style

By Courtney Leiva

There are plenty of hairbrushes on the market, but (sadly, for our wallets anyway!) they’re not all created equal.

And the consequences of not picking the right hairbrush are dire.

(Okay, so “dire” is overstating things, but you get the idea!)

Turn out, if you don’t know the best hairbrush for your hair type, you could be unintentionally causing dull, frizzy, or even damaged hair!

With 7 brilliant brushes to help you find your perfect hairbrush whether you’re looking for the DIY blowout must-have or the best tangle tacklers, find your perfect hairbrush here:

The Best Hairbrush For Your Hair

1. John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush
Essential for recreating those salon-worthy styles, this hot air brush  ($39.99) allows you to achieve volume, flips and curls instantly.

2. The Wet Brush
Working great on all hair types, use this handy brush ($14) right after the shower to eliminate pesky tangles and knots. Working just as great on dry hair, make this trusty tool a staple inside your purse or gym bag.

3. Knot Genie Genie Supreme
Need some more detangling action? Check out this innovative ($22.99) brush!

4. Angelo David Large Round Brush
For some amazing volume, this round brush ($65) uses special nylon bristles to create only the most flawless of styles. Partner up with your blow dryer for a fantastic blowout.

5. Earth Therapeutics Natural Bristle Club Brush
For a more natural brush, this amazing find gently massages the hair ($8.99) while evenly distributing the scalp’s natural oils along the hair shaft.

6. Ricky’s RickyCare 4×4 Brush
Increasing shine and promoting scalp stimulation, this pint-sized brush ($11.99) makes a good go-to whenever you need it.

7. Olivia Garden Healthy Hair Brush
Scalp need some TLC? Say hello to this bamboo brush ($11.25).

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