Hair Tips For Healthier Hair PLUS How To Win A Year’s Supply Of Hair Products!

Sure, encouraging hair growth is cool and all (click here if you missed the tips on how to get your hair to grow more quickly!), but that hair growth is only going to be of benefit if you’re able to maintain the hair you currently have too.

The key: preventing breakage, which is not only (at least partially) responsible for your shorter-than-desired hair but also likely to blame for all those strands stuck in your hairbrush.

FIRST: Put down the towel

Towel drying your tresses can lead to breakage – especially if you vigorously rub your fragile fringe with your towel. Instead, gently squeeze water from your hair, without rubbing.

Sure, it may take a bit longer for your hair to dry, but that’s a small price to pay for healthier hair if you ask us!

SECOND: Prep for heat

How often do you reach for the blowdryer or iron without prepping your hair with a heat protectant spray?

Well, it’s pretty much the equivalent of hitting the beach sans SPF – AKA a terrible idea!

Before you even think about heating up that hair of yours (either to dry it or style it), give hair the protection it deserves with a heat protectant.

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