How To Fix Hat Head In A Flash!

Whether winter has you bundled up or the beach has you shielding your face from the aging sun, it seems like we’re always wearing some type of hat these days.

Sure this can keep us warm and/or protected, but not without consequence: hat head!

Hat head, however, isn’t inevitable. Rather, with the right prep and a proper revival routine you can keep hat head at bay. As Cristophe Schatteman, world-renowned celebrity stylist and founder of Cristophe Salons and products, says, “No matter what type of hat you favor, knowing the proper way to prep your hair before can make all of the difference. …Even if a hat does wreak havoc on your hair, there are simple tricks and styles you can do after to revive it.”

Without further ado, here’s how to go from hat to hot (not that you’re not always hot, even with hat head!) in a flash…

How To Prevent Hat Head

Make sure your hair is completely dry. If your hair is even slightly damp and you put a hat on, you will be pushing it flat against your head as it dries, which will cause major hat creases.

Amp up on the volume. If you know you plan on wearing a hat, style your hair with much more volume than usual.  Tease hair at the crown of your head and brush back. This will make your hair much more resistant to the pressure of a hat and the hat will calm the extra body. This trick will leave your hair looking freshly styled with enough volume to fool anyone.

Avoid stick straight hair: Let your hair dry naturally and stay away from the flat iron.  Kinks, creases and bumps from a hat will be more visible if you have dead straight hair.

How To Save Hat Head

Fix the Flatness: The first step to refreshing hat hair is bringing back the volume and movement.  If you must use a brush, avoid using a plastic or nylon brush as this will cause static. Instead, opt for a boar bristle brush and tease hair at the roots to bring back some life. Once you have achieved your look, spray the boar brush with hairspray and give it one final comb through. No brush on hand? Flip your hair over and shake it out using your fingers and a volumizing spray, shake it out and voila- a fresh new style.

Tame Fly Aways: The static has got to go. If you know you will be wearing a hat, keep a couple of dryer sheets in your purse.  You can lightly rub them directly on the hair, or rub them on your hands and then run your fingers through your hair. Another quick trick, rub a very minimal amount of hand cream on your hands to help fight fly-aways before smoothing your hair.

Ponytail Lifesaver: If all else fails, pulling your hair back into a sleek ponytail will have you looking chic in no time. Tuck a travel size comb and hair band in your purse, and wet the comb to help slick back your hair. This will ensure any creases or bumps will vanish, leaving you with a perfectly smooth ponytail.

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