How To DIY A Reverse French Braid Bun

How To Protect Hair From Blow Dryer Damage + DIY A Reverse French Braid Bun 

Simple top-knots and basic side-braids are so 2012. To take your hair from holiday party to tropical getaway, update your go-to style with this reverse French braided bun. All the while protecting your hair from the damaging effects of heat styling.

Inspired by a look we spotted on Nina Dobrev earlier this year, we asked Pantene Pro-V’s celebrity stylist Kim Kimble to show us how to recreate this simply chic updo at home.

The key to achieving the look: starting with a great blowout to ensure hair is volumous but workable.

Unfortunately (and this likely isn’t a newsflash!), heat styling with a blow dryer can lead to some serious damage to your luscious locks, dehydrating your strands and damaging the hair shaft, leading to breakage, flyaways, dullness and frizz.

Whether you’re ready to rock this Reverse French Braid Bun or just want to protect your hair from your regular therapy sessions with your blow dryer (is it just us or do good hair days make everyone a bit happier?!), keeping damage from your blowdryer at bay is a must!

The secret: using products that protect you form heat damage, like the Pantene Pro-V Heat Shield Collection, which provides up to 450 degree heat protection! Used prior to creating this braid-meets-bun updo (or before any other hairstyle that requires a blow dryer) and your hair will be strong and shiny long after the hair pins scatter across your bathroom floor.

Ready to test it out? Give this updo a try!

How To DIY A Reverse French Braid Bun

1. Wash and Condition hair with Pantene Pro-V Heat Shield Shampoo and Conditioner

2. Apply Pantene Pro-V Heat Shield Potion Serum to towel-dried damp hair and comb through hair so product is distributed evenly.

3. Use a large paddle brush to blow dry hair straight, focusing on roots first, then down to the ends.

4.  Tilt your head down and flip hair completely over towards your face. Separate a 3-4 inch wide section of the hair starting right at the neck – all hair coming from an even row of hair.  (The thinness of this section won’t indicate the size of the braid as you will be gradually increasing the size.)

5. Separate this row of hair into three evenly sized sections.  Begin braiding, incorporating more hair into each section as your cross it over the other.  The smaller the group of new hair your incorporate, the more intricate the braid will look. Continue to braid until you reach the place you want your bun to begin.

6. Gather all hair and twist into a bun at the top and pin with bobby pins.  For hair that lacks volume, use a foam donut and twist sections before pinning to give a little movement.

So long boring buns and been-there braids, it’s time you join forces and take hair from typical to transcendental.

Still worried about damage? Take note from Kim and “use a nozzle and blow dry hair in sections while  moving the blow dryer throughout the hair until it is dry” so as not to apply too much heat to the same area for extended periods of time.

But really, with the Pantene Pro-V Heat Shield Collection, heat damage from your blow dryer can stay in 2011 (with your dated buns and braids!).

Illustrations by Claire Thompson, sponsored by Pantene Pro-V